The JacPad is set up as a safe place for vulnerable young people - maybe with anxieties or depression - who are struggling to access the workplace.

We run a certificate of transferable workplace skills which is taken at their own pace and gives them the confidence to say ‘I am employable’.

We practice the workplace - again at their pace and run a market stall as well as an eBay service. We encourage skills such as cooking, woodwork, gardening and art and promote a healthy lifestyle.

We role play workplace scenarios such as sexual harassment, bullying and racism and teach the young people to safeguard against grooming. Emotional literacy is high on our agenda.

We are there for any young person who wants this type of approach regardless of age and will work with them as long as they need us to.

The only rules are to maintain the safe ethos of the Pad and to want to work with us to gain the soft skills necessary for maintaining a job

If more appropriate we will work with the young person to set up a social enterprise.

We target those who are unreliable, hard to reach, are not ready for a course or are dropped by other agencies as unable to engage. We try to build a relationship to gain their trust and eventually get them work ready at their pace. If the young people are young enough to work with Connexions, Include etc. we try to partnership work with such agencies to widen the opportunities and support available to the young person. We do not drop anyone because they are too old, too unreliable, take too long etc. but walk with them as long as they need/want us to.

Our problem is accessing the young people who by definition are hard to reach and not engaging. Any help would be gratefully received and a service level agreement covering those who are not engaging would be even better! We personalise our programme round each young person and set up an IDP- an Individual Development Plan where they set what they want to achieve. This is then reviewed regularly


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